Josh Mavilia Fitness

Hybrid Personal Training

Our Mission

We understand that beginning a new fitness regimen can be daunting and overwhelming, but that’s just who we’re built for. We’ll help you get active, even if you’ve never worked out before.

You’ll build not just physical strength, but confidence both inside and outside the gym. And you’ll develop the stamina & endurance to continuously enjoy the activities that you’ve always done.

You’ll erase years of frustration and learn to cut through magazine workouts, non-sensical diets, and ridiculous fitness advice.

Most importantly you’ll gain a new lifestyle, achieving and maintaining your goals with consistent workouts and effortless eating.


What People are Saying

I had reservations – I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and some were good, but some were awful. I started training to gain strength so I could be better at sailing. Also to lose weight. Having the medical issues I’ve had I wasn’t sure how things would work out.

I’ve made a lot of progress with Josh’s help, but the biggest one isn’t weight loss, or gaining strength. It’s gaining confidence! The confidence I’ve gained in my workouts have helped me inside and outside the gym. Having Josh there to push me has been great!

Honestly, this may sound corny, but just trust the process. Let Josh push you. Workout with determination and the confidence you can go further than you think you can.


Client, Age 31

My usual gym routine was getting stale. Chest & tris, back & bi’s, then walk on the treadmill. So last July I decided let’s change this. I needed to get in better shape and lose some weight. So I made the call to Josh and completely changed the way I work out.

There have been a couple of great moments so far. One of the first times I finished 5 rounds of a super tough met-con. Or how can I forget the 515lb deadlift!?

Just soak up all the information Josh gives you. Understand what each exercise is doing. Give an honest hardworking effort every workout and you’ll see definite results.


Member, Age 40