Josh Mavilia Fitness

Private & Semi-Private Personal Training @ South Shore, Massachusetts

Our Mission

We understand that beginning a new fitness regimen can be daunting and overwhelming, but that’s just who we’re built for. We use a creative combination of many different fitness ideologies to create a workout experience like no other. This means that your workouts will get you to your goals both quicker and with more variety in your training sessions, helping you stay committed.

And using a balanced blend of practicality and science, we’ll give you a complete perspective on nutrition, sleep, and stress, important components to your overall health and wellness. These elements will help you to bring fitness into your life, not the other way around.

We help real people achieve incredible things.

How To Get Started

Just click the button below! We’ll respond within 24 hours and you can tell us about yourself, your exercise history, and what it is that you’re looking for. Then we’ll schedule a Strategy Session.

Our Strategy Session is a 60-minute, 1-on-1 experience. We’ll start by diving back into our initial conversation. We’ll be discussing your expectations, injuries, health concerns, and specific goals.

The second half of your Strategy Session will include a Functional Movement Screen. This simple screen gives us a more complete picture of how your body moves and allows us to build a more customized program.

While getting started is simple, it’s not always easy. If you’ve never tried personal training before and aren’t sure that it’s for you, a Strategy Session is an easy, informal way to see for yourself without a lengthy commitment.

Why Train With Us


Each member receives individualized programming, whether they prefer to train one-on-one or alongside others in a semi-private setting.

And with monthly scheduling options that range from once-per-week to unlimited times per month, you can truly personalize your training calendar.


Make no mistake, Josh Mavilia Fitness is a gym. It’s fully-stocked with bars & weights and has 400 square feet of turf.

But don’t worry, you’ll also find clean facilities, bright blue walls, and a fridge jam-packed with complimentary water.

Real People

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gym-goer or have never worked out before, Josh Mavilia Fitness is an all-inclusive training studio.

We don’t just train athletes, we train real people with families, fast-paced jobs, and crazy schedules.

What People Say

My goals at first were to have better control of my blood sugar and to gain more muscle tone in general. Working with Josh has helped me to work towards both of these goals so far!

Working with Josh I have learned exercises to target specific muscle groups. Josh takes the time to explain which muscle groups we are working on with the training programs that he designs. Although the sessions that I’ve done with Josh are usually in a small group, he also takes the time to make sure that each person in the group is performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury and to benefit from the training as much as possible.

I have also noticed the positive effect that the training sessions have had on my blood sugar control. On days that I have training I don’t require as much insulin because the workout itself helps to lower my blood sugar. My A1C (long term measure of glucose control) has also improved since starting training with Josh.

I enjoy the training sessions because they provide a fun, nonjudgmental environment where I can work on my health goals. Being in a small group setting where people share about the progress that they’ve made since starting training helps to motivate me to work on my own goals.

I also have enjoyed the sessions because I am getting guidance from an experienced professional about which exercises will benefit me the most based on my goals. Starting an exercise regimen on your own can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not even sure if you’re doing the exercises correctly!


Client, Age 31

I have known Josh for over 4 years and throughout that time he continues to impress me with his knowledge base and attention to detail when it comes to elite training, corrective movement, and removing pain from an individual. In 2011 we started collaborating at Northeastern University as personal trainers while I was beginning school for physical therapy. Throughout that process Josh was very helpful in assisting my education outside of the classroom. I was able to interact with him on many different levels because he understood a lot of the physical therapy “language” and knew how to apply that to personal training clients. Josh has a great way of simplifying complex subject matters to deliver an effective message and slow down the pace for someone who may have difficulty learning a new movement.

However, he also knows when to just “train” and get things done versus becoming too caught up in the “functional/movement training” world that exists. As a physical therapist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and competitive powerlifter, I have not hesitated to refer any of my clients or patients to Josh. I am very confident in his abilities to help anyone return to sport, enhance physical performance, and prevent pain. Most of all I would even refer myself to Josh because I trust his perspective and experience.

Phil Gauthier