Josh Mavilia Fitness

Personal Training & Nutrition

Our Mission

We understand that beginning a new fitness regimen can be daunting and overwhelming, but that’s just who we’re built for. We’ll help you get active, even if you’ve never worked out before.

You’ll build not just physical strength, but confidence both inside and outside the gym. And you’ll develop the stamina & endurance to continuously enjoy the activities that you’ve always done.

You’ll erase years of frustration and learn to cut through magazine workouts, non-sensical diets, and ridiculous fitness advice.

Most importantly you’ll gain a new lifestyle, achieving and maintaining your goals with consistent workouts and effortless eating.


What People are Saying

I began training after my son, Patrick, invited me to join him. I had seen his success and wanted the same success for myself.

I feel so much stronger now. I had been doing strength training at another gym, but then my trainer left. I continued to do the workouts but was not pushing myself. Josh has challenged me as I have asked him to and has helped me on my form. I feel so much stronger now.

My recommendation for new members is to ask questions. Josh is great at educating you on what exercises you should do and why, perfecting your form and overall healthy choices.


Member, Age 47

I first started training with Josh because my workouts were getting stale. I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over. I wanted to work with someone that could design new workout programs and help identify and improve on my weaknesses. I also really wanted to work with someone that would help keep me accountable.

The most meaningful progress I’ve made has been in lifting heavy with exercises like front squats, deadlifts, and bench press. I’ve been amazed at how much strength I’ve gained just from working with higher reps and lower weights for a few weeks then switching to lower reps and higher weight. Before I dreaded higher reps but now that I’ve felt the improvements it’s something I look forward to.

To make the most out of your experience you just need to show up. Sometimes it’s hard if its early or you aren’t feeling great but I always feel so much better after completing my workouts.


Member, Age 29