Josh Mavilia Fitness

Private & Semi-Private Personal Training @ South Shore, Massachusetts

Why Train With Us


Each member receives individualized programming, whether they prefer to train one-on-one or alongside others in a semi-private setting.

And with monthly scheduling options that range from once-per-week to unlimited times per month, you can truly personalize your training calendar.


Make no mistake, Josh Mavilia Fitness is a gym. It’s fully-stocked with bars & weights and has 400 square feet of turf.

But don’t worry, you’ll also find clean facilities, bright blue walls, and a fridge jam-packed with complimentary water.

Real People

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gym-goer or have never worked out before, Josh Mavilia Fitness is an all-inclusive training studio.

We don’t just train athletes, we train real people with families, fast-paced jobs, and crazy schedules.

What People Say

I decided to pursue training because I wanted to gain strength, become more fit, and figured if I signed up for training I would be fully committed to a program. I was looking for a trainer that would push me at the right speed, teach me new exercises, and guide me through the process.

When I first started training, I did not feel confident in my leg and core strength. I am proud of successes in squats and deadlifts. I was able to move from lifting bodyweight to such exercise as 300lbs on the trap bar, front squatting more than my body weight, 30+ pull-ups in a session, and progressing to L sits for core.

My tip is to just keep showing up! Keep going each week. Getting to the gym is the hardest part. Trust your trainer. You will see progress if you commit.


Client, Age 34

When I started training with Josh, I was 10 months- post surgery for a meniscus tear, including several months of physical therapy. My primary goals were to be able to play tennis with my husband again and to walk without pain, so that we could resume our post-retirement travel plans.

Josh has more variations on “squatting” than I ever knew existed and I started out hating them all! Lots of grunting! The grunting has now subsided and while I may not “love” doing them, I love having done them and how much they have done, and continue to do, for my knee. I am more pain free than not, at this point. And looking forward to lots of long walks in the hill towns of Tuscany in this Fall. That is thanks to Josh!

Working with Josh has been one of my most successful training experiences! Even though my desire to be pain free was high, I came in with a spotty record on consistency and a little pessimistic that this could be achieved. I give Josh credit for the interesting and challenging regime, his contagious enthusiasm, and his confidence that my knew would improve with focused strength training. This weekend I did a 2-3 hour walking tour of Boston with visitors and did not feel a twinge! That was a first, in a long time!


Client, Age 61