Once I hit 50 everything slowed down. I didn’t like the way I felt or looked. Meeting Josh has helped light a fire under me.

The most meaningful accomplishment has been pushing the sled. On my first workout with Josh, I thought it was going to kill me. But now, 7 months later, I have more stamina and strength. Although I still sometimes feel like it’s gonna kill me.

Stay with it. It’s so easy to walk away, but the best things in life take effort and commitment. Put the work in. You won’t regret it.


Client, Age 54

I had reservations – I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and some were good, but some were awful. I started training to gain strength so I could be better at sailing. Also to lose weight. Having the medical issues I’ve had I wasn’t sure how things would work out.

I’ve made a lot of progress with Josh’s help, but the biggest one isn’t weight loss, or gaining strength. It’s gaining confidence! The confidence I’ve gained in my workouts have helped me inside and outside the gym. Having Josh there to push me has been great!

Honestly, this may sound corny, but just trust the process. Let Josh push you. Workout with determination and the confidence you can go further than you think you can.


Client, Age 31

My usual gym routine was getting stale. Chest & tris, back & bi’s, then walk on the treadmill. So last July I decided let’s change this. I needed to get in better shape and lose some weight. So I made the call to Josh and completely changed the way I work out.

There have been a couple of great moments so far. One of the first times I finished 5 rounds of a super tough met-con. Or how can I forget the 515lb deadlift!?

Just soak up all the information Josh gives you. Understand what each exercise is doing. Give an honest hardworking effort every workout and you’ll see definite results.


Member, Age 40

My goals were to achieve good health, greater fitness, & weight loss.

I feel my overall health has improved and that it has been a positive, goal-oriented experience.

The body follows the brain. Stay positive.


Member, Age 66

I began training after my son, Patrick, invited me to join him. I had seen his success and wanted the same success for myself.

I feel so much stronger now. I had been doing strength training at another gym, but then my trainer left. I continued to do the workouts but was not pushing myself. Josh has challenged me as I have asked him to and has helped me on my form. I feel so much stronger now.

My recommendation for new members is to ask questions. Josh is great at educating you on what exercises you should do and why, perfecting your form and overall healthy choices.


Member, Age 47

I first started training with Josh because my workouts were getting stale. I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over. I wanted to work with someone that could design new workout programs and help identify and improve on my weaknesses. I also really wanted to work with someone that would help keep me accountable.

The most meaningful progress I’ve made has been in lifting heavy with exercises like front squats, deadlifts, and bench press. I’ve been amazed at how much strength I’ve gained just from working with higher reps and lower weights for a few weeks then switching to lower reps and higher weight. Before I dreaded higher reps but now that I’ve felt the improvements it’s something I look forward to.

To make the most out of your experience you just need to show up. Sometimes it’s hard if its early or you aren’t feeling great but I always feel so much better after completing my workouts.


Member, Age 29

I initially started going to Josh because my wife gave me a gift certificate for a month. I thought, “I’ll go for the month to show my appreciation then that will be it.” However, after the month, I noticed a big difference in my flexibility and strength. Over time, I went from going one time a week to four times a week and have made what I think are great strides along the way.

In addition to what I mentioned above, it has been great to see my sons notice the difference in my attitude and perseverance and they have wanted to get involved in developing their own workout programs with Josh.

The most important thing I have learned is even though you may think you are fit and have been following the same workout program that you learned thirty plus

years ago, it is extremely beneficial to learn there are new and better ways to approach getting fit. I went into this with a very closed mind thinking I already know how to work out. Then why was I always injuring myself? Because I was following the same program I did in high school!! Josh slowly changed my approach and it has made a world of difference. If you can, give it a shot. You won’t regret it



Member, Age 53

Starting out was honestly disappointing to me because I was used to working out harder. I initially found that many of the most basic exercises hurt my back and I felt so weak due to long term inactivity. Josh had me try many exercises and we eliminated the ones that caused me pain. Within the first three months, Josh selectively reintroduced most of the exercises that initially caused pain. The most meaningful progress I have made so far is that there are no exercises that he initially gave me that I am unable to do now. By starting slowly and cautiously, Josh built up my strength and I am feeling far stronger with less pain than I ever thought possible at this point in my training.

I initially thought my back injury was going to prevent me from getting back in shape since it never responded to physical therapy or chiropractic care. I was eventually frustrated at being inactive but was hesitant about working out on my own as I know I was prone to aggravating my injury. I knew I needed a program that would gradually reintroduce training within the limits of my healing process.

My advice for other members is to be consistent! Especially when things don’t go right at first, you have to look at the process as long-term. It’s really easy to fall out of the habit, but the worst thing you can do is not show up. Even when your schedule gets crazy or you’re working on four hours of sleep, just keep showing up and you’ll see results.


Member, Age 40

I had been thinking about starting a personal training program for some time but found it challenging to take that first initial first step. I set up an appointment with Josh as he had been highly recommended by a good friend of mine. Josh addressed my concerns and I completed an initial training session with him. I felt very comfortable and discussed my initial goals which were strength training to improve my strength and balance. Josh also addressed my concerns about my lower back issues which were a result of lifting and transferring patients while working as a RN. I had a lot of anxiety related to lifting weights and working out as there was always the fear I  would injury my back.

One night I was sitting on my couch and Milo my golden retriever, who weighs 75 pounds and is just a year old, suddenly did the high jump and hit my left shoulder full force. At the time I felt an ache but ignored it. The next morning I went to see Josh and couldn’t raise my arm over my head. My left shoulder was really painful. I felt like giving up but Josh came up with a new exercise program which really helped with my range of motion and flexibility. It took some time but today, I am pain free.

It was also very exciting when I noticed, and had friends comment on my posture which has improved tremendously since I started my training journey with Josh.

Josh really is a wonderful trainer and really cares about making

your sessions challenging, but at the same time making sure you are comfortable. He is very diligent about documenting your progress. On a personal note I was thrilled when I noticed that I could extend my time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in the planking position which I always found so challenging. It was such a positive affirmation that I was indeed gaining over all strength.


Member, age 57

My initial goals when I started training were to lower my blood sugar and to just generally feel and look more “fit.” I had been thinking about working out for a while but had no idea where to start. After training with Josh for almost 2 years now I feel a lot more confident when working out and feel like I have a better understanding of how each exercise contributes to my overall fitness.

I trained with Josh throughout most of my second pregnancy. He tailored the workouts so that I could maintain my strength without over doing it. Although it was hard to motivate myself to get to the gym some days, staying active throughout the pregnancy helped me to recover faster after having the baby!

Amanda (post-baby #2)

Member, age 32

I thought I was out of the “working out” game for a long time. Having chronic tendinitis and being in pain every day definitely made it difficult to imagine going to the gym. After trying out some remedies suggested to me by my Dr I quickly realized there is no quick fix. Starting to see Josh definitely worried me, was I going to hurt myself worse? Could I cause permanent damage. But I said screw it, my husband thought it could at the least just help me get stronger in other areas. So I did, Josh and I have had some challenges along the way modifying almost all of the workouts for me in some shape or form. But sofar I’ve noticed a difference in my overall strength, balance, and flexibility. I’m excited to start hitting some go

als I’m setting for myself. #legdayeveryday

It’s been scary pushing some limits and out of My comfort zone on deadlifting and zercher squats. Now I’m finding that I am looking forward to these workouts and building more strength and pushing my limits.

This has been such a nice experience for me and my family. Truly we enjoy it… even when we really don’t. I love that Sydnie will be able to understand the importance of working out and by her seeing both her parents do it. It’s sure to make an impression on her.



I started my training with Josh to gain better balance, strength, and endurance. I wanted to be able to walk distances, bend, and to be able to be independent.

I have achieved better balance since starting training. I less frequently lean on walls & my grandchildren for support. All the strength exercise routines I do and even getting on and off the floor as I go to the next venue all assist me to perform my daily chores and activities at home. Some times I surprise myself that I am able to do as many reps as I do.

The first advice I have for my fellow members is to show up for your workout. We all have been guilty of the opposite. It is too easy to not workout; we have to work on this. The next thing is to have a sense of humor. Humor helps the pain. Humor and conversation during exercise gives you respite for a short time out to take a breath.


Member, Age 73

I come from a family that has always been very active. Each member of my family had their niche, however, I never found a physical activity that worked for me. However, during college I started lifting with my dad and found that I liked this more than anything I had tried ever before. I knew I needed to do training to learn proper form and how to do the work, as cliche as that sounds. Josh and I hit it off right from my first assessment, and over a year and after one location change later, I’m still here!

The most meaningful progress has come from those who I work out with. I took one of those personality tests a few years ago and it pegged me as an external validator, or someone who needs the reassurance from others that what they are doing is right, what they are doing is good, and that they’re moving in the right direction. This is so true when you look at my time here. I don’t see the progress in myself, and I’m trying to work through that and to see it for myself, but kind words from the fellow members who I have become friends with over my time

here means the world to me and is a huge motivation to

I think the thing that really sets this gym apart is the people. I’ve spoken to a lot of my friends, coworkers, and family members about how much I enjoy coming to Josh Mavilia Fitness, and a lot of it circles back to the people. This is a group of supportive, kind, positive individuals that interact in a way that you don’t see a lot in other gyms. While we are each on our own journey with our own goals, own exercises, and own schedules, you do feel like a part of a team here who are united in a passion to better themselves and do it in a supportive, fun setting that is far less intimidating than even a small fitness center can be. It’s just a fantastic place to work out and better yourself, and if you get to know the people who you work out with each day, it really makes it even more of a positive and enjoyable experience.
get up, show up, and do some good work every week.


Member, Age 23

I first started training because I didn’t like the way I felt and looked. I had just turned 50 and couldn’t move well anymore. I had always tried to stay fit but had started to slack. Just walking a few blocks seemed like a chore. When I looked in the mirror I thought I looked matronly. I was so excited after a few months that I felt better! After that I started to think I looked better too. I was thrilled with the results!

Overall just feeling better physically and mentally. After injuring myself twice in the past few months, being able to tough it out and continue to workout made me feel gre

at. In the past, I would have hung up the sneakers for a few weeks until I healed. Realizing now that you heal faster by staying active has been incredibly eye opening.

Keep moving even if you have to modify what you are doing. You can’t move forward if you stop moving! Even if you are injured, you can still make progress and you heal faster too!


Member, Age 51

I never thought personal training was something I could afford or manage into my schedule, but it’s been perfect. Both affordable and flexible scheduling for my busy days. I started because I slacked off on myself and I wanted to put myself first in one aspect of my life. I wanted to gain strength and confidence about my body.

I remember seeing other completing their training sets and wishing I could get there. My first goal was to front squat 100lbs- once I got there it was my most meaningful milestone. Then I moved onto 105, then 110 and I hope to continue to improve.

Take an hour out of your week just for you. It’s worth it – I promise.


Member, Age 25

My goals at first were to have better control of my blood sugar and to gain more muscle tone in general. Working with Josh has helped me to work towards both of these goals so far!

Working with Josh I have learned exercises to target specific muscle groups. Josh takes the time to explain which muscle groups we are working on with the training programs that he designs. Although the sessions that I’ve done with Josh are usually in a small group, he also takes the time to make sure that each person in the group is performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury and to benefit from the training as much as possible.

I have also noticed the positive effect that the training sessions have had on my blood sugar control. On days that I have training I don’t require as much insulin because the workout itself helps to lower my blood sugar. My A1C (long term measure of glucose control) has also improved since starting training with Josh.

I enjoy the training sessions because they provide a fun, nonjudgmental environment where I can work on my health goals. Being in a small group setting where people share about the progress that they’ve made since starting training helps to motivate me to work on my own goals.

I also have enjoyed the sessions because I am getting guidance from an experienced professional about which exercises will benefit me the most based on my goals. Starting an exercise regimen on your own can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not even sure if you’re doing the exercises correctly!


Member, Age 31

I started training due to back pain that I was having from a herniated disc. This pain was making it hard for me to do any activity, limited ability to squat without pain and I was unhappy with weight gain.

Some of the greatest progress I have made has been the ability to perform squats again and other movements which were difficult due to my back pain. The strength I have gained in my back has allowed me to recover quicker than I expected and get back into a full exercise routine. Improving my back has also allowed me to make progress in my overall fitness and appearance, especially in developing toner arms.

One of the things that I have learned is that although there can be setbacks along the way, like pain coming back, you shouldn’t give up. There are ways to deal with setbacks and changes that can be made. After working with other trainers in the past, Josh has by far been the most effective in meeting my needs. He has always been willing to help me make the progress I desire. One of Josh’s best attributes is his ability to tell something is wrong and has an instant plan to modify the activity.


Member, Age 37

I decided to pursue training because I wanted to gain strength, become more fit, and figured if I signed up for training I would be fully committed to a program. I was looking for a trainer that would push me at the right speed, teach me new exercises, and guide me through the process.

When I first started training, I did not feel confident in my leg and core strength. I am proud of successes in squats and deadlifts. I was able to move from lifting bodyweight to such exercise as 300lbs on the trap bar, front squatting more than my body weight, 30+ pull-ups in a session, and progressing to L sits for core.

My tip is to just keep showing up! Keep going each week. Getting to the gym is the hardest part. Trust your trainer. You will see progress if you commit.


Member, Age 34

When I started training with Josh, I was 10 months- post surgery for a meniscus tear, including several months of physical therapy. My primary goals were to be able to play tennis with my husband again and to walk without pain, so that we could resume our post-retirement travel plans.

Josh has more variations on “squatting” than I ever knew existed and I started out hating them all! Lots of grunting! The grunting has now subsided and while I may not “love” doing them, I love having done them and how much they have done, and continue to do, for my knee. I am more pain free than not, at this point. And looking forward to lots of long walks in the hill towns of Tuscany in this Fall. That is thanks to Josh!

Working with Josh has been one of my most successful training experiences! Even though my desire to be pain free was high, I came in with a spotty record on consistency and a little pessimistic that this could be achieved. I give Josh credit for the interesting and challenging regime, his contagious enthusiasm, and his confidence that my knew would improve with focused strength training. This weekend I did a 2-3 hour walking tour of Boston with visitors and did not feel a twinge! That was a first, in a long time!


Member, Age 61

I trained with Josh for over a year and he was always consistent in his training, attitude, and humor. Every workout was challenging, while finding that balance between too difficult and too easy. Josh would always check in with me on my current goals, and would even offer suggestions as to what my future goals could be. I was able to notice real and lasting results in strength, fat loss, and confidence.

Josh is someone that is not afraid to bring his personality into the session, which is good because it’s one that allows the training time to be enjoyable and successful each time. He knows how to bring out the best in each client and is always ready to either listen to or offer a funny story, drawing, or musical interlude.


Client, Age 33

I just finished training with Josh for a few months. Prior to starting with Josh I’d been training at the Weymouth Club on my own for the better part of a year with the goal of losing a lot of extra weight, mostly doing a circuit routine with smaller dumbbell and bodyweight movements. I had been interested in powerlifting for a while, but was unsure that I could start it on my own in a safe way.

Josh made barbell work approachable, making sure I had the right skills and flexibility for the big lifts. He taught me how to front and back squat, how to deadlift, and perfected my bench press. He also taught me a few basic kettlebell swings to build even more strength, and got me closer to being able to do an overhead press with a barbell as well.

When I started trained with Josh I was at 5’10” and 206lbs, and at a time where I might have started plateauing in my fitness journey, I continued to lose weight – losing another 12lbs training with him.

Now I have the fundamental powerlifting skills I’ll be using in the gym for years to come, and a renewed confidence and ambition with my physical fitness. Now I plan on losing even more weight to achieve a decent amount of leanness, at which point I’ll start to *gasp* actually build muscle! Josh’s knowledge, confidence, and sense of humor makes him worth his weight in gold! If you’re thinking about working with him, just do it. You won’t regret it!


Client, Age 29

I have lost 25 lbs. and a number of waist sizes. Lower back pain has improved with increased core strength. Overall improved energy level and healthiness.

Josh provides a comprehensive training session yet at a pace that allows for proper instruction. Josh also has a flexibility to his programs that keep the participant engaged in the training. Josh also provides a solid knowledge base on daily nutrition. Oh course his singing is a plus.


Client, Age 44

I have always been very interested in weight lifting, and now that I have put my fitness goals as a major priority in my life, I want to learn how to work out – both in terms of being able to do exercises in proper form but also in terms of learning which exercises pair with one another so I can make workouts for myself and become independent in a gym, or at least relatively so.

After five sessions with Josh, I have worked a lot on my form with many different exercises, and now that I have reached a level of comfort with these exercises, I am slowly adding weight to my exercises to push my limits and build my strength and stamina.

The circuit format of the training has kept the sessions interesting and exciting – I don’t get tired or bored of any of the exercises and love how many different exercises I can do in just one hour.

Josh is incredibly personable, and we spend most of my sessions conversing, mostly with Josh talking and I trying to talk, because the high intensity sessions take my breath away. I am very happy with the sessions so far, and will be re-upping my package of sessions once I use my last one.


Client, Age 22

Working with Josh was the perfect next step from physical therapy back to the world of moderate physical fitness training after hip replacement-related muscular and alignment issues. My core and leg strength have definitely improved along with knowing “what to do” and “when to do it” so that I can now continue to train and improve on my own.

Josh paid attention and worked with my issues as well as my ability to execute tweaking what needed to be tweaked. His upbeat, pleasant and easy-to-get-along-with personality combined with his professional knowledge to keep the training interesting and relative with a variety of uncomplicated exercises and stretches specific to my ability and yes, coordination!


Client, Age 62

I was never one to do a lot of weight training, and always fell into a rut when it came to getting toned and losing weight. Josh has given me a lot of motivation to start lifting on my own more, and I can see a huge change in my strength. Over the last few months, we have gradually been able to work up in weight with squats and deadlifts, and I can do a pull up now!

Josh has a great personality and is very motivating. He has a great knowledge of body mechanics, and never tries to push you to do something that could hurt you. He is great at progressing along at a safe pace, and takes the whole body into consideration.

Laura Bradbury


I have been training with Josh for the last 5 , almost 6 months. At first I was skeptical that I did not need it and I knew how to work out in the gym on my own. Boy, was I wrong. I weighed in at 200 hundred pounds and I now weigh 177.

I had a total foot reconstruction and my body was immobile for 1 year! Josh looked at the areas that I needed to strengthen and had me work hard on them! I am back to work full time now and I no longer walk with a limp! I played my first round of golf in 2 years last week and I felt good!

I realize that I worked hard on my own but if I did not have his leadership, I would not be where I am today! I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to go to another level of training and working out! He is a young man with a great future! Thanks for helping me get my life back!


Client, Age 57

In addition to losing weight and improving my overall physical fitness, my main goal has been to have productive, pain free work outs.

I had success during the Lose Big program with Josh, losing over 6% of my weight. My greatest achievement, however, has been the fact that I have been able to participate in exercises that I NEVER thought I’d be able to do with my knee and back pain. The workouts have helped me just as much, if not more than going to the chiropractor and physical therapy combined.

Josh has a great sense of humor and an easy going personality, as do the other people in his groups. Lots of laughs!


Client, Age 34

I have known Josh for over 4 years and throughout that time he continues to impress me with his knowledge base and attention to detail when it comes to elite training, corrective movement, and removing pain from an individual. In 2011 we started collaborating at Northeastern University as personal trainers while I was beginning school for physical therapy. Throughout that process Josh was very helpful in assisting my education outside of the classroom. I was able to interact with him on many different levels because he understood a lot of the physical therapy “language” and knew how to apply that to personal training clients. Josh has a great way of simplifying complex subject matters to deliver an effective message and slow down the pace for someone who may have difficulty learning a new movement.

However, he also knows when to just “train” and get things done versus becoming too caught up in the “functional/movement training” world that exists. As a physical therapist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and competitive powerlifter, I have not hesitated to refer any of my clients or patients to Josh. I am very confident in his abilities to help anyone return to sport, enhance physical performance, and prevent pain. Most of all I would even refer myself to Josh because I trust his perspective and experience.

Phil Gauthier