One-on-One Training

Private, one-on-one training is the ideal way to ensure that you’re receiving personalized attention every step of the way. From your warm-up to your strength work to your metabolic conditioning, you’ll receive our undivided attention through every rep of every set.

Private sessions are a bit more expensive than semi-private workouts, but you’ll receive much more than just 50 minutes of exercises. One-on-one training affords us more opportunities to get to know each other, practice more technical & advanced movements, and discuss your personal nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Additionally, you’ll experience the privacy and confidentiality of an empty studio, a comfortable training atmosphere with a bit of “gym attitude”.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is the most cost-effective option in the fitness industry today. Semi-private training sessions at Josh Mavilia Fitness might include up to three other members, but everybody will still receive an individualized program.

You’re really good at exercise “A”? Great, you’ll perform it independently with minimal cueing. And while you’re doing it, we’ll help other members with things they might be struggling with. We’ll circle back and check-in again during your next exercise.

Semi-private sessions are higher energy than their one-on-one counterparts. Three other members will provide you with support & encouragement, even if they have different goals. You’ll take ownership of your own program, learning exercise names, set & rep schemes, and how to track your workouts. Plus, conversations are more inspired with five people instead of two.