Does strength training make you less flexible? Is cardio better than strength training for fat loss?

Check out the answer to these questions and other Myths of Strength Training in our video!


How many times per week will I have to workout?

Workout frequency is entirely your choice. We can accommodate anywhere from once per week to unlimited times per month and everything in between.

Will you write workouts for my off-days?

Of course! We write exercise programs, not just workouts. That means we’ll write a program that aligns with your goals, not just your wallet. If you need five days of workouts, we’ll write all five, even if you don’t spend all of them with us.


Our programs can accommodate home gym set-ups, extra gym memberships, running & other endurance training programs, and even other personal training services. Plus, our Jumpstart Package includes materials and tools necessary to design your own workouts.

What if I miss a session?

Sessions technically expire at the end of every month, but we make every reasonable effort to reschedule and help you get the most out of your training.

Can you accommodate injuries or pain?

Definitely. Our experience isn’t just limited to pushups and burpees. We’re knowledgeable in every aspect of the field, from physical therapy to strength & conditioning. And even if we’re not qualified to help you with your specific issue, we guarantee we know somebody who is.

Does Josh Mavilia Fitness offer open gym times?

No, we do not. In order to ensure that everyone receives the coaching that they need, we require all of our members to schedule their workouts ahead of time. This allows us to make sure we have the right ratio of coaches to members. All workouts are scheduled on the top of the hour, but there is some flexibility with our scheduling. Please inquire for details!

How much do memberships cost?

At Josh Mavilia Fitness, personal training is included in every membership. We are currently at capacity with our private memberships, but we have plenty of semi-private openings. Check out our rates here.

What about nutrition coaching? Do you provide meal plans?

Nutrition coaching is always complimentary for all of our members. We use Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach software where both our members and our coaches can interact. The program is one year long and provides members with daily lessons, habit-based coaching, and feedback from Josh Mavilia Fitness coaches. Our philosophy on nutrition is that sustainable habit & skill development surpasses short-term calorie counting, so we don’t provide individual meal plans.