how are we different?


Each member receives a personalized program so you’ll achieve your goals pain and injury-free.

And with monthly scheduling options that range from once-per-week to unlimited times per month, you can truly personalize your training calendar.


Make no mistake, Josh Mavilia Fitness is a gym. It’s fully-stocked with bars & weights and has 400 square feet of turf.

But don’t worry, you’ll also find clean facilities, bright blue walls, and a fridge jam-packed with complimentary water.

Real People

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gym-goer or have never worked out before, Josh Mavilia Fitness is an all-inclusive training studio.

We don’t just train athletes, we train real people with families, fast-paced jobs, and crazy schedules.

Who is josh mavilia?


Hometown: Hanson, Massachusetts

Background: Josh attended Northeastern University where he studied both engineering and criminal justice before deciding to make his part-time personal training job into a full-time career. He’s worked in private studio, strength & conditioning, and commercial gym settings.

Credentials: NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition, & Functional Movement Systems

Likes: Gold fever chicken pizza & anything with Jason Segel or Steve Carrell in it

Favorite Exercise: Squat, both front and back

Favorite Gym Advice: The goal of a side plank is to always do a higher side plank!

Josh Mavilia is the South Shore’s foremost expert on amusing marketing campaigns. Oh, and he’s also a personal trainer.

As a fitness crusader, Josh opened the studio as a way to bring a little bit of “gym attitude” to the traditional personal training atmosphere.

Combining a culture of camaraderie with some kettlebells & a squat rack, we believe we’ve created the ultimate setting for you to reach your fitness goals.