Mentality Matters Pt. II: Fitness is a Journey

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Speaking of mentality

There is a mountain range on the Eastern side of the world known as the Himalayas. Altogether they’re comprised of over 50 different peaks, including Mount Everest.

But the Himalayas are also home to over 50 million people. Among them are the Sherpa people, an ethnic group native to the region.

The Sherpa people are widely regarded as being an expert at their craft: mountaineering (specifically in guiding explorers up and down Everest).

“Okay, Josh, what’s your point?”

The most important thing to remember about joining a gym or hiring a trainer or finding a friend to work out with or starting a new fitness challenge is that none of those things exist to keep you accountable all on their own.

Rather, these things help you stay accountable to yourself.

In the case of our studio, the solution that we provide is different than if you were to bring your car to a mechanic.

A mechanic sees the car, diagnoses the issue, and remedies the situation (probably in just a a few hours).

But training is a little different. Imagine if you walked into an automotive repair shop and they examined your car, diagnosed the issue and then gave you the tools and space and instructions to fix it on your own.

It’s not a perfect analogy, but it works.

Fitness and health are never about punishing yourself for the mistakes that you’ve made either recently or in the past. And we aren’t here to do that.

A trainer or coach is a guide, not a solution, and the Sherpa to your ultimate fitness summit.

We are here to both educate and hopefully inspire, to give you the tools and the instructions and a space to do it in.

Transformations take time when we’re talking about the human body. Our job is to uncover where you are on your individual journey. Then we simply give you the appropriate tools to take the next step.

Health & fitness are a constant evolution. Feel free to turn a blind eye to the “perfect program” or “six-week diet solution.” A long-term mentality is the only characteristic that can guarantee results.

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