Mentality Matters

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“Just do your best.” This mentality is what helps us succeed in health & fitness.

But isn’t that just an excuse? Do your best is something that your parents say to you when you’re a child and you’re terrible at something.

But your best is all that you have. It doesn’t mean perfection. And doing your best only includes what you are willing to do, not everything that you are necessarily capable of.

So let’s apply this to health and fitness for a second:

One of the most interesting things about wellness is that the outward appearance of health and fitness doesn’t always equate to longevity.

So if longevity is one of the driving forces behind your efforts then doing your best is all that you can do.

At some point, we have to remember that there are things like luck and circumstance that will determine some things for us.

But don’t take this to mean that effort doesn’t matter.

In other words, it still makes sense to do the following:

  • Exercise
  • Move on a daily basis
  • Eat well
  • Sleep more
  • Stress less

While these efforts don’t always guarantee a long life 100% absent of dis-ease, they certainly increase the odds.

It’s all a question of how far you are willing to go. Just remember that what’s cliché is often true and moderation still counts for something.

Do your best. And if over time you can pick up a few skills or habits that will help you do a little bit better, that’s great.

But don’t be so hard on yourself.

It’s likely that if those last few pounds are truly just a few pounds, they don’t matter.

If a glass of wine on the weekend is truly just one glass of wine on the weekend, it likely won’t make a difference.

And if you still have a long way to go and it seems like you have a long journey ahead of you, just focus on getting one percent better every day (or maybe every week or month). Having a long-term mentality is much more important than making progress in leaps & bounds.

“Just do your best.” As we’ve come to find out, even just a little effort still counts.

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