Stop Calling It A Lifestyle Change

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The ‘lifestyle change’ is simply the all-or-nothing mentality, the six-week program, the short-term diet in disguise.

Short-term diet and exercise programs work when applied correctly. But if you’re contending with large scale long-term problems with weight, movement, energy, capability, pain, or overall health, they’re probably not the solution you’re looking for.

But the ‘lifestyle change’ is what we get when we take that six-week program and just tell you to do it forever.

It’s Sales & Marketing 101 because as we’ve all become more informed, we realized that we CAN’T lose 100 pounds in six weeks.

To call any exercise program a ‘lifestyle change’ implies that there will be a definitive beginning and end to the change and when all is said and done, the change will be complete and you will be a different person.

This is not to say that you will have reached your goals, it just means that you will now be the person that will be able to reach their goals.

But as we’ve seen from examples like television’s The Biggest Loser, trying to make all of the changes at once doesn’t work, especially when our life starts to pull & push us back in the other direction.

The Truth

Change is hard enough without mounting a heap of new habits on ourselves all at once. Even working on two habits versus one greatly diminishes our chance of success at either.

And of course we know that this sounds a little bit preachy coming from any fitness professional. But the truth is that fitness professionals aren’t born, they’re made. They evolve from the same series of choices that all of us can make.

At some point in every fitness professional’s life they made the choice to drink water instead of soda, to sleep more, to find a gym or a workout that they really enjoy, to be active during the day and maybe even choose an active occupation, and eat a few more vegetables.

And all of these changes likely came one at a time over the course of years and possibly decades, not six weeks or six months.

For those of us that aren’t athletes or competitors, improving our health resembles an evolution, not a change.

There isn’t one program or one diet that will get us there as not only will our lives change, but also the information about human health in general that we will have available to us in the future.

Working in the fitness field is much less about coaching or training and much more about guiding your members and clients to each individual’s next step.

And if you’re currently looking to start improving your health or lose weight or get stronger of feel better, remember that it’s important to find something sustainable.

Health isn’t achieved in six weeks or six months or even one year, health itself is a habit and one that you will have to work on for the rest of your life.

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