It’s Your Genetics

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You can’t lose weight because of your genetics. (Warning: satire ahead.)

Genetics play an important role in our health. Our DNA determines how we react to certain environmental influences (both individually and as a species).

Our DNA as human beings is mostly to blame for all of the health issues that we are experiencing.

For instance if you settle into an occupation that involves sitting in a car, sitting at a desk, sitting in a car again, and then sitting on the couch watching Parks & Rec reruns, you’ll likely find yourself taking in too many calories for your daily activity (resulting in weight gain).

If you decide that four hours of sleep is enough for you, your body won’t work right. Your body needs sleep. (And that means 7-10 hours EACH NIGHT.)

And speaking of not sleeping, if your stress level is constantly elevated you’ll likely find yourself lethargic, under-recovered, and hungrier than usual. You’re more likely to miss workouts and make terrible food choices.

If you keep yourself on a perpetual diet of sub-BMR calories it’s likely that the basic functionality of your body will be disturbed. (And BMR for *most* people is usually at least 1,200 or more.)

If you refuse to train your body, you’ll will lose those adaptations because it won’t think it needs them. And that goes for strength, stamina, and flexibility.

See your genetics are EVERYTHING, but also NOTHING. The are often the scapegoat, but also the answer.

Sure there are DEFINITELY a few exceptions to this, but here’s the reality: your body is capable of restoring itself.

Gene expressions controls every process in our body, but only when prompted by the right environmental factors. So do yourself a favor and send your body the messages that it needs. It will definitely thank you.

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