The Best Way to Burn Calories

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One of the most common requests we hear in the gym is to ‘burn calories.’ Folks often want to sweat it out and feel like they’ve really ‘done something’ at the end of their workout. And while there’s value to hard work, the best way to burn calories throughout the day might surprise you.

But this isn’t to say that sweating in the gym is bad.

When we examine the longest-living cultures and communities on Earth, we find one commonality. That commonality is a lack of structured exercise and an abundance of daily movement.

So just remember that it’s not necessary to workout seven days a week to be healthy and strong and capable. It fact, you might be surprised by what you can accomplish in only two or three days.

Yes, strength training helps us become stronger and more flexible and even serves to break up our day. It allows us to build movement skill and unique physical abilities.

But strength training is not meant as a way to burn calories. And neither is cardio, for that matter.

Sure exercise can burn A LOT of calories in certain circumstances. But you also have to remember that those workouts will likely leave you hungry and fatigued.

In fact, most folks end up eating MORE calories throughout the day after they’ve trained really hard. (Just check out this link here.)

It’s much more sensible to eat well, train a few days a week, and make sure that you’re active on daily basis.

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